About Me: I’m a veteran journalist, blogger and art lover. I grew up in southern Ontario, trained in Chicago and returned to Canada as a base. I’m on Twitter & an Art Junkie Facebook Page.

My Other Blogs



Canadian Art Junkie: Superb works from Canada or on exhibit here, including painting, sculpture, photography, illustration & other visual arts from the Great White North.  Frequent posts.

The Photo Junkie: Personal photography.


Retired: Apocalypse Art. This end-of-the-world themed blog has been merged with Global Art Junkie.  More about why I’m into dystopian themes here.

Retired: Sketches & Jottings: Archives are still there but sketchbook art is now posted here, at Global Art Junkie.

Thanks for visiting.  And if you have suggestions, fire away.


There is one comment

  1. Clayton

    Hi there,
    I’m writing from the Southern Alberta Art Gallery in Lethbridge, AB. I had a few questions to ask you regarding your online content, and was hoping you wouldn’t mind shooting me a quick email!



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