Origami: Gonzalo Garcia Calvo

If you’re an origami aficionado, you need to see these works by Madrid-based Gonzalo Garcia Calvo. He makes the intricate, folded animals and objects when he isn’t working his regular gigs as a musician. (Note the violin and grand piano that are part of his portfolio.)

Dragon -Designed by Shuki Kato

For most of his works, he uses designs created by other origami artists, or patterns he’s adapted, but all the actual folding is his own.  (Owl, top of post: Tonight’s the Night, designed by Katsuta Kyohei) Note that all these images link back to the artist’s Flickr site, and include more information on each model.

Rhinoceros – Miyajima Noboru

Violin – Gen Hagiwara

Grand Piano – Patricia Crawford

See many more creations on Gonzalo Garcia Calvo’s Flickr site, here.

To see other Paper and Fiber art on Global Junkie, click here.


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