Easter Inspiration

This wonderful idea comes from a post by Food Writer Elizabeth Stark.  Go ahead and try it out.  There’s been a lot of searching for Easter posts on Global Art Junkie in the last few days, so here are three more, already collected for you.

Ukrainian artist Ilona Belous hand forms letters in plasticine. For the full post, go here.

Tattoo’d Easter eggs, the full post here.

And these Easter sketches by Mexican artist Violeta Hernández have always been favourites. Full post here.

Happy Easter everyone.


There are 2 comments

  1. Resa

    Ahh, memories! My mom did a wax and dye technique, like batik, and created the most delicate, intricate and traditionally decorated (eastern European) Easter Eggs I have ever seen in real life.

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    1. J Walters

      What a wonderful memory. We didn’t do anything like that in our house. My mother was not a bit artistic or craft-y, although she was truly a spectacular cook and baker.


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