Urban Sketchers

Dixie Music in Seville

The Urban Sketchers cooperative hosts fascinating works by sketchers all over the world, often with back stories told in the artist’s comments. Here is a typical selection, with links to each original narrative. (Above: Dixie Music in Seville: Inma Serrano in Seville, Spain)


Cafe CultureCafe Culture: Cherie Jerrard, Shrewsbury, UK


Superbowl City


Superbowl City: Cathy McAuliffe, San Francisco


I Can't Eat Until I Finish Sketching

I can’t eat until I finish sketching: Mike Daikubara from Boston


Iowa Voted Tonight

Iowa Voted Tonight: Marcia Milner-Brage in Cedar Falls, Iowa


Travels in the Yucatan

Travels in the Yucatan / Mayan Ruins: Suhita Shirodkar

More on Urban Sketchers website, here.

Or Urban Sketchers Facebook, here.


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