Scott Marr: Pyrography


Pyrography artist Scott Marr collects natural materials – sap, flowers, bark, leaves – from the Australian bush near his home to create these stunning images, burned onto paper or wood with specially designed tools. The sources for the 22.5 x 30 inch image above, for example, are ochres, liquid chlorophyll, Angophora sap and bark wash, plane tree charcoal, Karaka berry, Lapis lazuli, malachite, Coriopsis flower wash and yellow moon mushroom wash. (See the time-lapse videos of how he does it) Image: Cavin Morris Gallery

Scott Marr 2

One of the things he likes best about the process  “is that it means my works contain DNA. Another thing is that my work literally moves with the seasons as different species come in and out through the year.” – artist statement

Scott Marr 3

“Pyrography is an ancient art form,” writes Peter Walker Fine Art Gallery , “but his subject matter is far from it. Animals are delicately burnished into paper and brought alive with a remarkable natural pallet. On closer inspection the figures are composites – leaves, sticks and household items beautifully brought together in some sort of surreal jigsaw puzzle. His distinctive images make his designs unique in Australia’s contemporary art world.”

Scott Marr 4

Scott Marr 5

See more on Scott Marr’s website, here





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