Climate change – in the news after release of this week’s United Nations report – is a topic of significance for Spanish street artist Isaac Cordal.  One of the best known of his cement sculpture installations is Waiting for Climate Change, created for the Château des Ducs de Bretagne in Nantes, France.  He has also done installations with the same name along the Flemish coast.

Designed for the moat of the château, the 14 floating sculptures move with the wind and the water currents. Wearing business suit, impassive and blasé about the coming cataclysm – they absently watch the water level rise.

climate5The works in France are larger (almost life size) than the tiny cement sculptures that Cordal has been making in his home studio and placing on European streets in an ongoing series called Cement Eclipses since 2006, to widespread acclaim.  On the Flemish coast, he also took on climate change in a collection of miniature watchmen across 30 locations in nine municipalities in 2012.

belgium1 The series in Belgium presented what he termed stereotypes of people confronting climate change in different ways.



This is a fascinating, increasingly popular street artist, who calls his works “interventions.” It’s well worth exploring his other topics on any of his sites.

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