Maira Kalman’s Girls Standing on Lawns opens next month in New York, part of a fascinating project that saw the renowned artist and bestselling author dip into photos in the collection of the Museum of Modern Art as the basis for paintings. The works have just been published as a monograph with New York Times writer Daniel Handler and the show opening April 23 at Julie Saul Gallery coincides with release of that book.  (Above: Girl on Fence) girls-collageLeft: Girl with Flag / Right: Girl in White

“Poetic and thought-provoking, Girls Standing on Lawns is a meditation on memories, childhood, nostalgia, home, family, and the act of seeing. The gorgeous visual material sets the stage for what Handler succinctly describes as “a photograph, a painting, a sentence, a pose.”  –Exhibition notes

Alice in Wonderland Garden Party

Above: Alice in Wonderland Garden Party / Below: Girl with Umbrella

girl with umbrellaKalman has worked as a designer, author, illustrator and artist for more than 35 years. Her work is a narrative journal of her life and all its absurdities. She has written and illustrated fourteen children’s books and she often illustrates for The New Yorker magazine. Most recently, she authored or illustrated four books including Michael Pollan’s Food Rules, and Daniel Handler’s Why We Broke Up.

Adult Books

Her New Yorker covers are all keepers (click through for more).

New Yorker Covers

Scroll through her website for pieces of serendipity such as this post on her sets and costumes for the Mark Morris Dance Group’s production of Igor Stravinsky’s Renard.


Maira Kalman’s website, here.