natalie-2Natalie Ratkovski, a favorite illustrator and sketcher, oversees “An Endless Book,” her inspired group project for 2014.  It calls for one newly illustrated page/spread a week with the pages continued seamlessly so the illustration never stops.  (Click on images for each participant’s original posts)




Each book – which can be digital, collage, or  paper – is based on a central concept that the artist works through for the year. All above:  Natalie Ratkovski

  • This group (which you can join) is immensely creative, and encourages progress shots such as preliminary sketches.  Here are excerpts from some of the books. (Click image for more from each artist)

11931338006_1600b3159e_b By (Flickr handle) Yelle


By Elena Mart


By (Flickr handle) Lenivec


By Kate Letuchih

sally mao

By Sally Mao

12977101623_1ce1a5b3cd_b By Alexandra Dzh


By Yanina Link

,бесконечная кн10 - Flickr - Photo Sharing! 2014-03-12 21-15-01Above and Below, By КатяРумянцева


I’ve written about Natalie Ratkovski – who convenes this group – before, on the Sketches & Jottings blog (which is now retired and merged into the blog you’re reading)  See that post here.


Ratkovski is a talented illustrator, sketch artist and graphic designer based in Germany.

See her on Behance, here.

On Flickr, here.

Her general website, here.