heidi-the-last-dropHeidi Kepnes creates collages with found objects, paper, string, photographs, wax and other media. Many of her works are partly encaustic. Based in Salem, Massachusetts, Kepnes says she is “drawn to the beauty of decay and its allusion to the passage of time, and to collective and personal memory.” (Above: The Last Drop)

heidi-when-the-ocean-meets-the-sky-and-becomes-a-cloudIn the titles of her work, and in their composition, Kepnes references disaster and apocalyptic consequences. She says she creates art in nautical and atmospheric spaces – spaces between living entities and the connections that exist beyond the physical realm.  (Above: When The Ocean Meets The Sky And Becomes A Cloud)

heidi-after-the-ocean-swallows-your-houseAfter the ocean swallows your house


heidi-slaughtering-all-the-beesSlaughtering All the Bees

heidi-I-am-empty-with-such-fullnessI am empty with such fullness

heidi-Teslas-toilTesla’s Toil

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