French artist Paulo Grangeon’s 1,600 papier mâché pandas took their seats in the National Theatre in Taipei this week, part of an international tour by the World Wildlife Fund that began in 2008 to bring attention to the endangered species.  There are only 1,600 pandas remaining in the wild. (Theatre photos by Mandy Cheng/AFP/Getty Images)


The pandas surround a paper rhacophorus arvalis (carmland green tree frog) of Taiwan. The individualized pandas also paraded in  front of Taipei city hall, below. (Patrick Lin/Reuters)

Papier mache pandas, created by French Paolo Grangeon, are seen displayed outside the Taipei City Hall as part of an exhibition called "Pandas on Tour"

The World Wildlife Fund’s French section inaugurated the exhibition in a joint project with Grangeon in July 2008 at Paris City Hall (below, photo from Buzzworthy).

pandas-parisGrangeon’s display has traveled to more than 20 countries as part of the WWF project.