Bliss is an illusion, life is a circle to sculptor Sang-Jun Roh


Seoul-based sculptor Sang-Jun Roh takes a bird’s-eye view of one of the modern world’s ultimate contradictions. He focuses on the uncomfortable reality that the going around in circles in a search for bliss or money or freedom actually shackles individuals, not liberates them. When viewed from above, the perspective of most of his works, people are rarely independent from the rest of the crowd. (Above: Drivers / Below: Holiday, both papier-mache)


In Roh’s world, all vehicles; cars, bikes, boats, four-wheelers and helicopters, cannot transport people, but only make people immobile. . . . The happiness they feel through owning the means of transportation and the freedom to travel are lamentably a piteous fantasies. Artist Statement

ridersRiders, papier-mache

livingthingsLiving Things, digital photography

lighthouseLighthouse, papier-mache

fireworksFireworks, papier-mache

Sang-Jun Roh website, here.

On SaatchiOnline, here.


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