Kendra Larson’s Offbeat Landscapes


Kendra Larson’s offbeat landscapes combine subtle poetry, complicated color, and unique composition. The Oregon-based painter has a deep love of nature and a non-traditional hand.  The work above is Sisters Wilderness, near Sisters, Oregon. The colorful hut illustrates a scene from My Abandonment,  Peter Rock’s powerful book about homelessness.


“My fascination with nature stems from an interest in contemporary film noir, literature on the woods, and research of natural phenomena,” she says in an artist statement. “In my art practice, I find that chaos, awe and fear are revealed in ways I could not plan when I begin a piece.” (Above: The Spring / Below: Cornell)


kendra-augusthillsideAbove: August Hillside; Below: Mount Hood


Larson received her MFA at University of Wisconsin, Madison. She is a past Caldera (Sisters, Oregon) and New Pacific Studios (Masterton, New Zealand) resident who teaches at Willamette University. (Above: Mount Hood)

Kendra Larson’s website, here.


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  1. anngrafics

    I started at the top and as the page loaded just saw the top image, top half – the splash of color was surprising as I scrolled down (I’m on my iPad, so small screen!). I especially love the third one down.


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