Os Gêmeos: Large-scale murals

Brazilian artists Os Gêmeos—a major force in public and urban art—are creating two, large-scale murals in Boston as part of their first U.S. exhibition opening Aug. 1 at the Institute of Contemporary Art.  (Above: Untitled, acrylic and spray paint on wood panel. 110 ¼ x 82 5/8 x 5 7/8 inches)

A 680-square-metre mural, City Centre, São Paulo

Os Gêmeos and other artists were invited to paint an active, scheduled train in Brazil.

Detail, one of the cars of the train.

One of the murals, in progress, Boston

More street art

Born Otávio and Gustavo Pandolfo, Os Gêmeos  (“the twins” in Portuguese) are a major force in street and urban art. They first came to public attention with large-scale works created on the streets of their native São Paulo, a city whose vast urban landscape have greatly influenced these artists. Along with their work in museums and galleries around the world, Os Gêmeos have created many high-profile public art projects in Brazil.

The artists’ website, here.

A Boston Globe article on the murals going up, here.


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  1. indieandcoffe

    Reblogged this on Indie & Coffee and commented:
    Não sou o maior fã de grafite e arte de rua, mas, como todo poser, conheço um pouco de Os Gêmeos – já vi algumas obras deles em exposições e na própria rua. Não preciso nem comentar sobre a qualidade do trabalho, né?! Esse mural em Boston ta incrível! Outra coisa banca do posto é que esse blog é gringo e sempre é bacana ver o reconhecimento brazuca lá fora.


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