Troels Carlsen: Antique Science

Troels Carlsen uses old texts and scientific illustrations as canvases and inspiration. These images are newer works by the Danish artist, who exhibits constantly. He says he is inspired by “anything that has to do with the human condition.” Carlsen uses acrylic paint and sandpaper. (See video, here)  Above: Small Amounts Over A Long Periode Of Time # 2, acrylics on antique anatomy print, 35,6 x 50,6 cm, 2012

About The Use, acrylics on antique engraving, 26,5 x 21,3 cm, 2012

Selfdoubt is Always Hungry acrylics on antique anatomy print, 2012

Detail, Jack Would Be A Gentleman If He Had Money, acrylics and mixed media on pigment print, 99 x 60 cm, 2012


There are 8 comments

  1. anngrafics

    A little creepy and I can’t say I understand it, but it’s very well done, very skillfully drawn. I always wonder what is truly behind what the artist sees or is saying.


    1. boomerontario

      I get the creepy part. It helped me to understand his approach by watching the video, even just the first bit of the interview. Like you, I need to know a bit more about the motivation.


        1. anngrafics

          Everyone! Watch the video! It makes more sense after watching the video and I love seeing how big things really are. Also love the horse-riding and flying skeletons. Do you think he actually paints on the pages of those antique anatomy drawings or is he recreating them? I can’t really tell, though sometimes his works are obviously much larger.


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