The Underwater Art of Jason DeCaires Taylor

The Museum of Underwater Modern Art is doing an important  job: helping to generate coral to convert the life-size sculptures of  British artist Jason deCaires Taylor into new artificial reefs.  The figures are slowly changing in appearance as marine life develops.

The 400  forms, anchored 25 feet below the surface in Cancun, are fashioned from the faces of Mexican people who volunteered.  (All images © from Taylor’s project website)

Below, some figures as they were lowered into place.

Included in this installation, called The Silent Evolution, is a full size Volkswagen Beetle.  Like the other statues, it is made of a growth stimulating PH-neutral concrete to attract algae and marine life.   (Three other installations form this museum and deCaires Taylor also has projects in Granada and in Canterbury, England)

For the traveler, the underwater museum provides a unique reason to visit the National Marine Park of Cancun, and a place to dive or snorkel with less pressure from tourism on the area’s natural coral reefs and ecosystem.


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