Orsi Horváth: A Surreal Perspective

Hungarian artist Orsi Horváth takes a surrealist approach to her art, with influences from popular culture. Her inspiration comes from Pop art,  rock bands, film noir  and science fiction, and from artists ranging from Caravaggio to Andy Warhol. (Above: Mum; Below: Army)

“My biggest quest of course is to catch the absurdity of the world,” the Budapest-based artist says.


-Oh Baby



Horváth also does installations, including Archaic Cat (above: Clay, wood, 2011).  She has exhibited extensively since graduating in 2008 from the Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Budapest, with an MA in painting and is obviously an artist to watch.  Orsi Horváth’s website, here


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    1. boomerontario

      Well then I’m glad you visited, and took the time to say so! She’s quite amazing, isn’t she? My favorite piece is the one at the top: Mum. It’s just so full of intrigue. thanks.


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