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Alex MacLean: Jarring and Beautiful

Alex MacLean chronicles life from above. From beaches to farms, airfields to subdivisions, the renowned aerial photographer and architect provides a unique – and sometimes jarring – look at the ground we live on.  (Above: Dinghies clustered around dock, Duxbury, Massachusetts)

-Maria’s River drainage

-From his series on beaches

– Fleet of B-52 Bombers at the “Bone Yard,” Tucson, Arizona

-Algae floating between logs

-University of Florida Parking Lot, Gainesville

-Surfers behind breaking wave (Sunset Beach)

-Mulching Beds


8 Comments on Alex MacLean: Jarring and Beautiful

  1. Spectacular. I like it when I’m not sure what is going on…


  2. I just love all the photographs you collect every time! Thanks for sharing!:) Keep up the good work!


  3. Reblogged this on Stitch Mode and commented:
    Just saw this on the WordPress Reader’s list. Wow! The shapes are amazing, quite different and eye catching!


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