Mark Penxa: A Quirky Menagerie

I am besotted by these pieces from Mark Penxa’s menagerie of quirky creatures, although he produces a wide variety of other types of work.  See all the art and projects of this Michigan-based artist, here.

His Facebook, here.
His website, here.

Here’s a response from Mark Penxa, whose work generated more than 5,000 visits to this post when it was Freshly Pressed on the WP Front Page:


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    1. boomerontario

      Yes, I agree completely, with the emphasis on the stunning! And an acknowledgement that you’d have to have a keen sense of whimsy to do the job Mark Penxa does on these. Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment.


        1. Mark Penxa

          Tiger Lady,
          I would be more than happy to re-make him for you if you would like. I’m not a fan of prints, I would much rather make each one by hand 🙂 Thank you ALL so much for the kind words.


  1. William Strong

    This stuff is awesome. Amazing art. If anyone is up to it, check out the books I’ve written in my blog and let me know what you think. :). But yeah I think the octopus is my favorite. That and the elephant. :).


      1. princessofthejellyfish

        If I am ever allowed* a giant red octopus, I will send you a picture of it.
        He is all like “I am a flaming octopus, I dare you to do better. You can not? Oh, that’s too bad.”

        *Purchase and hide the Giant Red Octopus from Jed so he doesn’t freak out with all of the sea creatures/30 cats that are in our future house.


  2. mamadestroy

    What fabulous images! I went through an octopus obsession in my 20’s and was always on the lookout for unique images of them. i found a lot of fabulous old prints of them in biological reference books. One glance at your octopus image and I think my old passion may have been reignited! Thanks for sharing!


    1. boomerontario

      There really is something about octopuses (octopii?) isn’t there. And this one is so well done. (Some of those old Jules Verne style images and prints are also intriguing, aren’t they?)


      1. mamadestroy

        Definitely. Octopi are simultaneously sort of creepy and ridiculous, their form and movement, so completely removed from our own. Fascinating.


  3. emmahevezi

    amazing pictures 🙂 wish i had the creativeness and the attention to detail which you have 🙂 i love the overall composition, the ideas and the way that each character has their own personality and traits 🙂
    thankyou for sharing, keep smiling


      1. boomerontario

        I agree with you on him calling them ‘sketches.” They’re more than sketches! I wish I had the room to post some of his other work, like the one you’ve linked to. He’s amazing. Thank you for your comment.


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